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What Does Wide Format Printing Mean?

Over the past 15 years, wide format printing has evolved rapidly—with new technologies that make the process more efficient. With a wide range of substrates that can be printed on, and massive print-area capabilities, wide format printing is the perfect solution to larger print needs. Printing Unlimited is your local print shop in Fort McMurray that can help you create amazing signage and other promotional products using our wide format printing presses. But first, what exactly is wide format printing? We’ve provided answers to common questions about wide format printing to help illustrate why this form of printing is leading the industry.  

Two Printing Unlimited employees hold a wide format printing of Spring Food Drive.

Wide Format Printing vs. Large Format Printing

The term wide format printing is commonly interchanged with large format printing. Although similar, wide format printing is not the same as large format printing. Essentially, wide format printing is a type of large format printing. Simply, large format printing generally describes a printing method using presses that are larger than most common commercial printers. In relation, wide format printing exclusively refers to the specific size of the print—mostly between 18” and 100”.

Wide Format Substrate Capabilities

There are various substrates that wide format printing can effectively use to produce high quality and eye-catching products. When printing with an inkjet wide format printer, the most common substrate used is vinyl. When wide format printing on a flatbed press, substrates that are frequently used are coroplast, foamboard, banner, Styrene, Gator Board, Dibond and even doors! Coroplast is a lightweight, hollow-structured material that is both water and shockproof. It’s the perfect substrate for signage as durability is the main priority—capable of withstanding harsh weather while upholding its structural integrity. With its semi-rigid and dense material, Styrene is ideal for point of purchase (POP) displays. For a sturdier and weather-resistant material, wide format printers can also use Gator Board. Known as the flattest panel on the market, Dibond is an aluminum composite material that has a smooth surface. It’s the ideal substrate for window displays, retail fixtures, interior and exterior displays, packaging and more.

Wide Format Printing Products

 With so many substrates to choose from, there are a wide range of products that can be produced using wide-format printing. Printing Unlimited offers high-quality and durable promotional products that make businesses stand out from competitors. Having eye-catching informational signage that accurately represents your brand creates brand awareness within the community. Informational signage including road signs, car magnets, menu boards, vinyl decals and window vinyl can all be created using wide format printing. Promotional signage products that are commonly produced by wide-format printing include indoor and outdoor banners, pull-up banners, metal and coroplast signs, and wide-format posters.

Wide Format Printing Industries 

 There is no limitation when it comes to the industries that require wide format printing products. It’s an essential service for industries that serve the community including the hospitality, automotive, healthcare, oil and gas, and construction industry. Wide format printing is also common upon many non-profit organizations for promotional signage services including fundraisers and other events. Whether it’s menu boards for a restaurant, POP displays for grocery stores, or health and safety signage for medical offices, wide format printing can be seen almost everywhere.

 Wide format printing is a flourishing area of print because of its diverse capabilities. With this type of printing technology based in Fort McMurray, your business has the opportunity to advertise with the most captivating products on the market. To learn more about wide format printing, or to see samples of wide format printing products in Fort McMurray, visit our website for more information. Contact us to discuss your creative vision with one of our wide format printing experts.